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Please complete the contact form indicating the correct reason. Only in this way can we guarantee a targeted and therefore faster processing of your request.
Important:Complaints and warranty claims must always be coordinated with the authorised dealer - he will be happy to take care of your requests. You have already filed a warranty claim/complaint with your dealer, but still have questions? Please use the following contact form

Spare parts can only be ordered from our authorised dealers. Prices and availability can also be ascertained through our dealers.

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Important:User manuals can be found in the SmartCI app:

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If you have an older vehicle, please contact our customer service by using the following form.

Our dealers have access to technical drawings and wiring diagrams for our vehicles. Please contact one of our dealers, they will be happy to help. For safety reasons, we cannot make wiring diagrams or drawings available to customers. For your own safety, please have all modifications to your vehicle carried out by an authorised dealer.

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Please address your delivery date query directly to your dealer. He can always check the current status of orders and tell you the expected delivery date. We are not entitled to provide information about delivery dates.
Please address inquiries regarding retrofits or repairs directly to one of our authorised dealers, as these inquiries must be checked individually with the vehicle on site. We cannot provide repair instructions.
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