SAFELY WINTERPROOF – When used properly, all TABBERT caravans are suitable for the winter. They are completely insulated and equipped with a modern heating system and boiler. The vehicles are tested at temperatures as low as -15° C. In addition, our vehicles have been tested in wintery conditions as per DIN EN 1645-1 2012 (Leisure accommodation vehicles – Caravans) For those campers who would like to use the heating cartridge during their journey, they can also equip their caravan with our special “Truma SecuMotion” package. 


  • Please ensure that there is a sufficient supply of gas.
  • In the winter, only use 100% propane gas to heat. If the share of butane gas is too high, then the heating system may be damaged.
  • Prior to your journey, heat the vehicle and check if the heating system is working properly.
  • During the heating phase, open all drawers, flaps and storage compartments to avoid a build-up of condensation.
  • It is imperative to charge the living quarter's battery completely via a 230-volt charge. If the battery is empty, a recharge will take at least 18 hours.


  • In the wintertime, please ensure that the temperature in the heating area does not fall below 5° C and that the battery is kept at a properly charged level.
  • During your winter camping tour, ensure that the vehicle is well ventilated, since otherwise a high level of condensation water build-up is possible. This is the result of wet clothing, cooking water vapour or the passengers’ breathing.
  • Use shock ventilation to ensure that there is sufficient circulation.
  • Be sure to operate the heating, even if the campers have vacated the vehicle for several hours.
  • Always keep the forced ventilation open.
  • Clear large amounts of snow from the roof.
  • The heating grate must always be free of snow and ice (for WW only C-heating or Alde heating).