BWT Wasserfilter - TABBERT Neuheiten

BWT BESTCAMP high-performance water filter system

As an established premium brand, at TABBERT we are particularly committed to one tradition: Innovation. Our latest coup is the BWT BESTCAMP highperformance water filter system integrated as a standard feature in every TABBERT beginning in 2020. Even in Europe, clean and hygienically perfect water is anything but a matter of course. Especially when it comes from a tank in which it may have been stored for a long period of time. Without any chemical additives, the new system prevents dirt particles and microorganisms in the fresh-water tank from entering your caravan’s water pipes. Replaceable ultrafiltration membrane filter cartridges* allow you to enjoy up to six months of pure, clear water from on-board taps.

Thanks to the ultrafiltration membrane in the handy water filter cartridges, 99.9999% of germs and microorganisms are removed from the water without the use of chemical additives.

The new water filter cartridges supplied as standard are simply attached to specially designed plug connections between the water tank and the pipe system and can be kept for up to six months after activation.

If a cartridge has exceeded its service life and there is no replacement cartridge available, the system can be bridged with an intermediate piece to ensure a constant supply of water.

*You are already a customer and would like to reorder a filter cartridge? Spare parts are distributed via our trade partners. You can reorder replacement filters there at any time.