TABBERT Caravan steht für langlebige Qualität

Shaked for 10,000 km – but nothing stirred

To ensure that you continue to enjoy your TABBERT for many years, we set the strictest standards for materials and workmanship. This is just one of the many reasons why you will still encounter our models from the 1970s on your travels. That is because a TABBERT lasts a lifetime. We work to ensure this with carefully selected and extremely demanding test procedures and simulations.

We deliberately seek out the most challenging road surfaces, the longest routes and circuits to test our vehicles under the most adverse conditions and at high driving speeds. You can rely on this – for more than sixty years and for the most wonderful moments of your life.

Stronger than time – A TABBERT caravan stands for enduring quality. This high level of commitment is reflected in every detail. Our systematic quality philosophy extends throughout the production process. From intelligent design, to the selection of the high-quality material mix all the way to the flawless workmanship. TABBERT – the brand for those who value durability and lasting value.


[Translate to Koreanisch:] 10-year leak-proof
[Translate to Koreanisch:] Provided that the caravan is inspected annually by a skilled specialist, we offer a 10-year leak-proof warranty on all of our models. For dry comfort at all times.
[Translate to Koreanisch:] GRP roof
[Translate to Koreanisch:] Reduces insurance premiums and increases the long-term value: The 1.4 millimetre thick high strength GRP roof over the thick, rearventilated insulation.
[Translate to Koreanisch:] Minimum weight, optimum insulation and maximum durability
[Translate to Koreanisch:] Minimum weight, optimum insulation and maximum durability – TABBERT’s optional Top Value Technology (TVT) combines three key advantages. The construction of the roof, side walls ...
[Translate to Koreanisch:] longevity
[Translate to Koreanisch:] ... and floor replaces wood, which is susceptible to weathering, with high-grade modern materials. This makes the caravan both lighter and more robust. The high-strength roof made of GRP offers reliable protection against rain, snow and hail.
[Translate to Koreanisch:] The ceiling-mounted lockers
[Translate to Koreanisch:] The ceiling-mounted lockers not only look attractive, but also feature sturdy bases with reinforcing elements and wooden mouldings.
[Translate to Koreanisch:] Visibly flawless workmanship
[Translate to Koreanisch:] Visibly flawless workmanship, flush surfaces and narrow gaps on threedimensional structural elements leave a lasting impression
[Translate to Koreanisch:] Breathable reinforcement mouldings
[Translate to Koreanisch:] Breathable reinforcement mouldings made of thick solid wood used in the interior fittings guarantee unyielding rigidity.
[Translate to Koreanisch:] Top-quality hinges
[Translate to Koreanisch:] Top-quality hinges for ceiling-mounted lockers doors and pre-drilled adjustment options for reinforcing intermediate shelves are a matter of course.
[Translate to Koreanisch:] It runs quietly and closes safely
[Translate to Koreanisch:] It runs quietly and closes safely – the sturdy wooden sliding door with its silent, adjustable internal castors (from the VIVALDI on, depending on layout).
[Translate to Koreanisch:] Superlative quality
[Translate to Koreanisch:] The superlative quality of the precision work is also especially evident in inaccessible areas that are out of sight.
[Translate to Koreanisch:] The economical 12-volt LED lighting
[Translate to Koreanisch:] Safe technology attractively presented: The economical 12-volt LED lighting strips fitted are protected against accidental contact, short circuits and corrosion.