TABBERT caravan CELLINI Slide-Out

Top-class space miracle Taking holiday to a new dimension

An upgrade for the CELLINI? Impossible, unless one dispenses with all conventions and puts the size of the avant-garde flagship of the TABBERT fleet into perspective. In the CELLINI slide-out, you will experience how relative space is transformed into absolute size in the most unbelievably fascinating way. No other caravan displays and combines such extraordinary engineering skill and such a unique interior ambiance as expressively as this TABBERT. Because it has been expanded, this fascinating holiday home offers you a luxurious 19.5 m² living room.

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Interior views


CELLINI Slide-Out 750 HTD 2,5

Length : 1027 cm
Overall width : 250 cm
Mass : ? 3.500 kg
Berths : 4

  • Large rear seating group
  • Open bath
  • Queen-size bed
  • Lots of storage space
  • Unique spatial feeling with Slide-Out

Upholstery in the CELLINI Slide-Out

TENDENZA (Synthetic leather)
TENDENZA (Synthetic leather)
GRAZIA (Genuine leather, option)
GRAZIA (Genuine leather, option)