TABBERT Da VINCI 2022 am Strand

TABBERT Innovations 2022

More flexibility, more safety, more comfort! With the standard equipment highlights of the 2022 season, TABBERT is once again thinking one step ahead and equipping the caravans in its premium fleet with additional extras. The silwyREADY package which can be found in almost all TABBERT series from this season ensures that your glasses are held securely in really every position. So minor and major mishaps are no longer an issue in the future. In addition, all TABBERT caravans are now equipped with the extremely effective bluuwater water filter system, so that absolutely safe drinking water comes out of your tap. Also discover the brand new layout of the DA VINCI series. The DA VINCI 550 DM 2.5 convinces as a clever family layout with double bed, children's bunk beds and central seating group.

Practical details and a guaranteed feel-good atmosphere for every requirement and every journey. That's the TABBERT feeling!

DA VINCI 550 DM 2,5


With the new 550 DM 2.5 layout, you now have even more choice in the DA VINCI series from TABBERT. Thanks to the comfortable children's bunk beds in the rear and up to six sleeping places, this caravan is the ideal companion for young families.


Made in Germany

The patented and practical magnetic solutions from silwy® prevent glasses from tipping or slipping in your TABBERT caravan, whether tilted or cornered. From model year 2022, almost all TABBERT models will be equipped silwy® READY as standard. Find out more about the winner of the German Innovation Award.


Berauschend einfallsreich

With the new bluuwater water filter system integrated as standard, we ensure that hygienically perfect water flows out of the TABBERT water fittings – no matter which travel destination you have chosen. Thanks to the ultrafiltration membrane, bluuwater eliminates up to 99.999% of bacteria and ultrafine particles..


expansion package

In order to be protected against theft, all TABBERT caravans are equipped with a GPS tracker which is also available with lifetime license for an unlimited, EU-wide tracking function. An expansion package is now available for the standard Velocate GPS tracker, which allows TABBERT owners to check the temperature and gas level at any time via the associated smartphone app. The app also has a motion detector alarm.

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