Additional TABBERT climate highlights

  • The 31 mm thick side walls, the TABBERT roof and the 47 mm thick frost protection floor.
  • Perfectly sealed windows and doors ensure a draught-free interior.
  • All outside windows can be fitted with optional insulation mats attached to the awning strips to reduce thermal bridges. Even the front and rear windows can be fitted on request.
  • In caravans with a body length of 5.50 metres and greater, the temperatures in the living and sleeping area can be steplessly and separately regulated by a 2-climate-zone 12 V blower.

The TABBERT 58 mm roof structure


The patented TABBERT roof impresses with a range of important benefits. Probably the most important of these is its exceptional noise insulation: In a downpour or hailstorm, the noise level is reduced by up to 9 decibels or more, making it around 1.5 times quieter. In other words, you can sleep through a night-time downpour practically undisturbed.


Das patentierte TABBERT Dach
The patented TABBERT roof (fitted as standard from the Da Vinci on) guarantees air circulation, optimum temperature insulation and 9 dB of sound insulation (1.5 times quieter).
Hohe Rückenlehnen
High backrests provide optimum protection against winter cold, allow optimum circulation of warm air and prevent condensed moisture. In this way, a uniform and healthy interior climate is guaranteed.
Wärmeschutz im Kopfbereich
The thermal insulation in the head area keeps cool air at bay.
Heating (Truma S 3004 or S 5004)
The interior heats up quickly thanks to the modern and centrally positioned heating system (Truma S 3004 or S 5004 from body length 5,680 mm).