The high-quality storage solutions by TABBERT were not only designed to protect your luggage during your trip. The automatic safety-lock mechanism prevents the unwanted opening of cabinets and drawers, while the drawbar scale protects you from overloading the vehicle.

The window locks with push-lock safety closure feature ensure double security, as do the beautiful and rugged TABBERT entrance doors.


the two-part TABBERT door
The tried-and-tested two-part TABBERT door with three-point locking system simultaneously meets the need for more safety, light and ventilation (ROSSINI, DA VINCI und PEP).
TABBERT entrance door
Just as nice as it is lock-secure, the new one-part entrance door is equipped with a robust one-handed inner handle (from VIVALDI).
The TABBERT window lock
The TABBERT window lock is twice as secure. It can only be opened if the additional push-button is pressed.
Cutlery and glasses are well protected
Cutlery and glasses are well protected in the kitchen drawers and ceiling-mounted lockers – thanks to the self-closing safety locks.
The premium mosquito-netting door
The almost noiseless pull-out mosquito net door disappears entirely within the door frame in the new TABBERT models, without narrowing off the exit.