TABBERT stands for safety and has received numerous awards for this in the past. And with good reason. All TABBERT motorhomes and caravans are equipped with uncompromising and comprehensive levels of safety equipment.

This means that you are also equipped to deal with unpredictable situations. When it comes to driving and vehicle safety, TABBERT sets the industry standard.

Our solutions for safe driving

The AKS anti-sway
The AKS anti-sway hitch swiftly balances out any rolling and pitching movements.
Excellent driving safety is guaranteed
Excellent driving safety is guaranteed by the electro-mechanical anti-skid system ATC (AL-KO Trailer Control) …
continuously monitors all driving states
… which continuously monitors all driving states with the help of ball-bearing-mounted sensors. If critical signals are detected, immediate brake intervention is triggered.
Superlative braking effect
Superlative braking effect even without continuous brake inspection: The AL-KO AAA premium brake is self-adjusting – and reduces braking distances by up to five metres.
TABBERT automotive design
Rear lights featuring the fibre optic system and the TABBERT automotive design are not only attractive, but safe.
Lateral clearance lights
Lateral clearance lights provide enhanced safety for night-time driving and make it easier to manoeuvre in the dark.
High-quality branded tires
High-quality branded tires with high load-bearing reserves ensure optimum handling characteristics, even with a full load.
Excellent – TABBERT!
Excellent – TABBERT!