TABBERT provides its caravans with excellent

Caution is the best policy

If you want to play it safe, you are in the right place: TABBERT provides its caravans with excellent protection against unpleasant situations. For many years now, virtually no other brand has demonstrated more comprehensive safety precautions. This traditional strength sets all our current series apart. Also when it comes to the bodywork.


the two-part TABBERT door
The tried-and-tested two-part TABBERT door with three-point locking system simultaneously meets the need for more safety, light and ventilation (ROSSINI, DA VINCI und PEP).
TABBERT entrance door
Just as nice as it is lock-secure, the new one-part entrance door is equipped with a robust one-handed inner handle (from VIVALDI).
The TABBERT window lock
The TABBERT window lock is twice as secure. It can only be opened if the additional push-button is pressed.
Cutlery and glasses are well protected
Cutlery and glasses are well protected in the kitchen drawers and ceiling-mounted lockers – thanks to the self-closing safety locks.
Simple but effective.
Simple but effective. This protective feature prevents damage to the rear of the caravan if it is tilted unexpectedly.
The sturdy heavy-duty struts
The sturdy heavy-duty struts guarantee a secure footing free of vibrations (AL-KO Big Foot optional).
Danger detected, danger averted
Danger detected, danger averted – the live-saving and standard-fit smoke detector warns of the risk of fire in good time.
The premium mosquito-netting door
The almost noiseless pull-out mosquito net door disappears entirely within the door frame in the new TABBERT models, without narrowing off the exit.