TABBERT’s comprehensive solutions assist you in safely setting-up your caravan on the campsite pitch. While the solid AL-KO heavy-load supports ensure the secure position of your caravan, the inconspicuous anti-tilt mechanism protects against damage during an unwanted tipping process.

Furthermore, up to two gas cylinders can be secured in the gas cylinder box, which features a scratch-resistant aluminium riffle plate. Beyond that, the comprehensive exterior lighting of TABBERT caravans with dimmable awning lighting and entrance light ensures optimal visibility, even when it’s dark outside.


no tipping at the rear
Simple but effective. This protective feature prevents damage to the rear of the caravan if it is tilted unexpectedly.
The solid heavy duty props
The sturdy heavy-duty struts guarantee a secure footing free of vibrations (AL-KO Big Foot optional).
The enormous bug storage space takes up more than just gas cylinders and is particularly easy to load and unload.
In the TABBERT, the gas box opens parallel upwards. This way, even the bike rack mounted on the tow bar does not impede during the loading and unloading process.
LED entry light
The bright, energy-saving LED light – equipped with a motion detector as standard (optional on the ROSSINI and DA VINCI) – provides good visibility under the awning and safety at night.
awning lighting
See how the evening transpires: the dimmable awning light strip provides the perfect lighting for relaxed conversations (optional).