TABBERT Innovationen für Wohnwagen


Innovations and new technologies are the order of the day at TABBERT. An impressive example is the TABBERT roof which convinces with a number of important strengths. Probably the most remarkable is the enormous sound insulation. The difference between a normal, sandwich-pressed standard roof and the unique TABBERT construction is not only the solid stability. 

With every rain or hail shower the noise reduction is up to 9 decibels or more which is about one and a half times quieter. This means that you can sleep practically undisturbed during a nightly rain shower. And this is one of many examples why experienced campers prefer a TABBERT. 


It is often the supposedly small things that represent the greatest innovations in everyday life – especially in the digital age. That’s why we are constantly looking at the latest technical possibilities and state-of-the-art material components in order to develop realistic ideas for our caravans. 

It goes without saying that we regularly look outside the box and are therefore always the first to market. With our standard GPS tracking system, for example, or the new Smart Home voice control in the CELLINI, we were inspired by technologies from other industries.


We are the first German caravan manufacturer to offer Smart Home fans the possibility to operate selected CELLINI on-board technology via an interface. Among other things, the lighting, heating and air conditioning can be controlled. This is made possible by a single-board computer that is operated via a web interface.

By integrating your Wi-Fi hotspot, you can also use well-known language assistants such as Alexa and Siri. For example, if you want to know how much fresh-water is left in your tank, simply talk to your CELLINI. For detailed information, please refer to our price list and technical documentation.


Using the GPS tracking system introduced in 2019, you can locate your TABBERT at any time. Thanks to the app belonging to the system, you can receive status and location signals on your mobile phone at any time and receive an immediate message if your TABBERT is moved. In addition, the hardware is prepared to be expanded via optional sensors (e.g. door/window contact).



High-performance water filter system

With the new bluuwater water filter system integrated as standard, we ensure that hygienically perfect water flows out of the TABBERT water fittings – no matter which travel destination you have chosen. Thanks to the ultrafiltration membrane, bluuwater eliminates up to 99.999% of bacteria and ultrafine particles.

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A generous sense of space and tasteful furnishings that suit the lifestyle of our customers – this is also typical of TABBERT. This includes the concept of open lines of sight as well as the bunk beds of the ROSSINI that can be converted into a seating group. 

We were the first to offer an L-shaped kitchen in some caravans as well as the first to patent a complete layout. Also the ingenious placement of the refrigerator in the entrance area of the VIVALDI and PUCCINI accessible from both inside and outside is an innovative predicate: First by TABBERT.


[Translate to Englisch:] TABBERT INNOVATION
Additional luggage can be stored in the rear luggage compartment which is almost invisible when closed behind the shiny black tailgate with TABBERT emblem.
[Translate to Englisch:] TABBERT INNOVATION
Do you want some refreshment? It doesn’t matter whether you want to access the refrigerator from the inside or the outside, the refrigerator-freezer combination in the VIVALDI is located at the entrance door and can be, thanks to the very efficient double opening hinge technology, accessed from both sides.
[Translate to Englisch:] TABBERT INNOVATION
The TABBERT emblem has served as a design model for the lighting design. Its diamond pattern became the signature element of the luxury caravan.
[Translate to Englisch:] TABBERT INNOVATION
Make perfect use of space in a family-friendly way - with the bunk beds for children from TABBERT.

Innovative Milestones

For more than 65 years, the TABBERT brand has stood for a unique spirit of innovation in the caravanning industry. As early as 1963, we stood out from the competition with our patented TABBERT roof. Continuously developed, this technology continues to set standards.

The GRP roof not only provides excellent insulation, but offers optimal air circulation and sound insulation in the event of hail or rain. TABBERT also stands for innovative safety technology with which we equip our caravans as standard so that you always reach your destination safely.

Innovative Milestones

anti-sway hitch
The AKS anti-sway hitch swiftly balances out any rolling and pitching movements.
[Translate to Englisch:] Hohe Fahrsicherheit garantiert
Excellent driving safety is guaranteed by the electro-mechanical anti-skid system ATC (AL-KO Trailer Control) which continuously monitors all driving states with the help of ball-bearing-mounted sensors. If critical signals are detected, immediate brake intervention is triggered.
the electromechanical anti-spin system ATC (AL-KO Trailer Control)
A safe, relaxed driving experience at all times: in the event of side winds and during overtaking or evasive manoeuvres, the AL-KO Trailer Control system equipped with sensors brings the caravan back on track automatically.
Top braking performance even without constant brake inspection
Superlative braking effect even without continuous brake inspection: The AL-KO AAA premium brake is self-adjusting – and reduces braking distances by up to five metres.
comfort entrance door
Easy entry: 700 mm wide comfort entrance door (depending on the floorplan).
A novelty in Europe. The revolutionary slide-out module in the CELLINI expands living space to a gigantic 19.5 m² at the touch of a button.

Functionality AND ERGONOMICS

Our unique passion and our more than 60 years of experience developing high-quality caravans are evident in everyday use. Due to intelligent upgrades for practical details as well as the little things, each day leaves nothing but enjoyable memories.

The storage space itself has no loading sill, is extremely roomy and its floor is protected with aluminium chequered plate. This makes it sturdy and durable and improves its winter performance – typical TABBERT.


[Translate to Englisch:] Großes Gepäck kann dank der hohen Serviceklappe im Bettbereich einfach und ohne störende Installationen eingeladen werden.
Storage space for bulky items: The high service flap in the bed area allows large items of luggage to be loaded easily and conveniently.
storage space
The storage space below the bed is easily accessible – a rugged mechanism with a hold function and a gas pressure damper make handling child's play.
seat compartments
Large items such as bedding are easily stored in the seat compartments.
loading area
The lower bunk bed can be folded up in just one step to create a large loading area that is also easily accessible from the outside via the garage door (optional).
[Translate to Englisch:] TABBERt Unterflur
In the CELLINI, the technical systems are installed under the floor near the axle to provide a favourable centre of gravity.
[Translate to Englisch:] Technik TABBERT
The technical control centre, which is safely housed in the wardrobe, gives you instant access to all key electrical functions in the caravan. For instance, the powerful 350 or 400 watt 12-volt power supply and converter.
[Translate to Englisch:] Truma Therme
As with all TABBERT installations, technology and storage space are clearly separated from one another. The same applies to the well protected Truma Therme water heater.
[Translate to Englisch:] Frischwassertank TABBERT
The 45-litre fresh water tank fitted as standard is easy to fill and to clean. To ensure optimum weight distribution, it is housed at the back of the caravan.
upper compartments
Here, you will find plenty of space for frequently used items: the upper compartments are equipped with adjustable shelves, which allows them to fit large items.
kitchen drawers
Kitchen utensils and ingredients are readily available thanks to the deep pull-out, rollerbearing mounted TABBERT kitchen drawers.
[Translate to Englisch:] Schublade Safetylock
Cutlery and glasses are well protected in the kitchen drawers and ceiling-mounted lockers – thanks to the self-closing safety locks.
The cavernous front storage space can house more than just gas bottles and is exceptionally easy to load and unload.

Groundbreaking design

We have always relied on innovation and technology that make travelling with a TABBERT the most beautiful way of travelling. We adhere to the credo of always keeping up with the times and focus on functional design. The advantages of the proven LFI technology can be seen at first glance.

The flowing transitions and rounded edges ensure better aerodynamics and the modern TABBERT look. And we are also breaking new ground in the interior. The L-shaped kitchen not only looks first-class, but also saves a lot of space through optimal use of space.

Our solutions for functional design

The chassis with a 3.5-tonne load makes it possible to move even large vehicles safely.
LFI Technology
Completely new shapes thanks to LFI technology. This results in aerodynamic and smooth transitions for optimised handling and the unique TABBERT look.