TABBERT Sitzkomfort für Wohnwagen

Durable Seating and Relaxation comfort

One of the best parts of any holiday is the long days. And when friends gather round in the seating area of a TABBERT, the evenings can become just as enjoyable long. High-quality, durable and exceptionally ergonomic cushions with high backrests are particularly inviting (2). On cold days, well ventilated winter backrests prevent you from getting a chill from the window fronts (1). 

Simply pull the middle seat of the round seat group forward, and you will feel like you’re at home on the sofa (3). It feels just as good as the easy-care cushion covers made of high-quality textiles, imitation or even genuine leather.

Your seating comfort: The seat cushion can slide in and out by 120 millimetres – making a big difference when it comes to the comfort of the fifth seat in the horseshoe seating arrangement.


TABBERT is Innovation