TABBERT lighting design for caravans

Bright ideas skilfully implemented

A highlight of every TABBERT caravan is the intelligent lighting concept, not just in the interior but also outside. The application of both indirect and direct light creates an atmospheric ambience in the interior while spots show off your favourite accessories in their best light. 

Outside the door, an awning light that is both elegant and robust reacts automatically to approaching visitors. In addition, the dimmable awning LED light strip creates just the right amount of light for cosy evenings on your TABBERT terrace.

Lighting Design

dimmable ambient lighting
A sophisticated concept brings together the ceiling light with its smoked glass ring and crown emblem and the dimmable ambient lighting.
Two shining design elements
Two shining design elements: The energy-efficient LED technology in the kitchenette canopy and ...
ceiling lamp
... the ceiling lamp that adds touches of colour in the living area.
reading spotlights
Flicker-free, long-lasting and moveable reading spotlights shine a bright and focussed beam of light wherever you wish.
Form and function in perfect harmony
Form and function in perfect harmony: the design of the ceilingmounted cupboard corner light not only looks good.
Dimmable awning light strip
See how the evening transpires: the dimmable awning light strip provides the perfect lighting for relaxed conversations (optional).