TABBERT Design for Caravans

Stylish Holiday Moments

When designing a TABBERT, we attach great importance to an attractive appearance. However, it is only perfect when all the wonderful features in our caravans have been perfectly integrated and their quality verified. With a keen sense of trends and our customers’ lifestyles, we rethink every detail. Because we know that good design is crucial to your holiday happiness and you will thoroughly enjoy finally owning your new TABBERT.



Bright, dark, radiant or dimmed – the lighting concept of TABBERT Caravans offers various possibilities to influence the ambience and the personal mood. Both indirect and direct lighting applications help to put everything in the right light, both inside and out.

The atmospheric LED ambient lighting will be further developed in the 2021 model year through light strips integrated into the furniture fronts (depending on model).

[Translate to Englisch:] TABBERT Baldachin
The impressive light canopy in the PUCCINI welcomes you at the door.
[Translate to Englisch:] TABBERT Beleuchtung Bad
The mirror cabinet of the PUCCINI with its backlit side surfaces gives a brilliant impression.
[Translate to Englisch:] TABBERT Beleuchtung Bad
A faceted light ceiling and gently shimmering LEDs under the mirror cabinet increase the wellness factor in the CELLINI bathroom.
[Translate to Englisch:] TABBERT Lesespots
Even details such as the LED reading spots combine TABBERT lighting design with proven customer benefits.

Space for adventurers

The sense of space in a TABBERT sets new standards. Our interior concept uses open lines of sight to achieve freedom of movement on a level that is closer to that of a luxury apartment than a holiday home on wheels. In addition to their excellent use of storage space and optimum weight distribution, all TABBERT layouts are developed to provide an ambience that perfectly fulfils the aspirations of modern living. This is the maxim of our designers, engineers and master craftsmen. Hour by hour, day by day.






It goes without saying – you will wish for nothing while holidaying in a TABBERT caravan. Here all the passengers can pack what is important to them in their mobile holiday home. The design systematically exploits every bit of free space by turning it into easily accessible storage space. The fact that this is done in the heated area is a significant advantage, and not just on winter camping trips.

Caravan kitchen drawers
Kitchen utensils and ingredients are readily available thanks to the deep pull-out, rollerbearing mounted TABBERT kitchen drawers.
Caravan compartments
Here, you will find plenty of space for frequently used items: the upper compartments are equipped with adjustable shelves, which allows them to fit large items.
Caravan Stauräume in den Sitzkästen
Large items such as bedding are easily stored in the seat compartments.
Caravan wardrobe
The full-size, deep wardrobe allows creasefree storage of clothing on hangers.
Caravan Storage space
Storage space for bulky items: The high service flap in the bed area allows large items of luggage to be loaded easily and conveniently.
Caravan storage space
The storage space below the bed is easily accessible – a rugged mechanism with a hold function and a gas pressure damper make handling child's play.
Caravan garage door
The lower bunk bed can be folded up in just one step to create a large loading area that is also easily accessible from the outside via the garage door (optional).
Caravan front storage space
The cavernous front storage space can house more than just gas bottles and is exceptionally easy to load and unload.

Durable Seating and Relaxation comfort

One of the best parts of any holiday is the long days. And when friends gather round in the seating area of a TABBERT, the evenings can become just as enjoyable long. High-quality, durable and exceptionally ergonomic cushions with high backrests are particularly inviting (2). On cold days, well ventilated winter backrests prevent you from getting a chill from the window fronts (1).

Simply pull the middle seat of the round seat group forward, and you will feel like you’re at home on the sofa (3). It feels just as good as the easy-care cushion covers made of high-quality textiles, imitation or even genuine leather.

Your seating comfort: The seat cushion can slide in and out by 120 millimetres – making a big difference when it comes to the comfort of the fifth seat in the horseshoe seating arrangement.

Better Sleep for a better holiday

A good night’s sleep is the best way to start a perfect day of a holiday. Therefore, we set the very highest standards of sleeping comfort in our TABBERT models. Look forward to wonderful nights. An extra-comfortable cold-foam mattress in your permanent beds provides exactly the right level of support for the head, shoulders, back, hips and legs.



  • High point-elastic sleeping area (in 2 levels)
  • Very low contact area between disk-spring bed base and mattress
  • Excellent ventilation of the sleep system, excellent humidity management
  • Individual 5-step headrest adjustment
  • Laminated wood frame offers exceptional rigidity
  • All wood components comply with the E1 standard
    (low formaldehyde/free of heavy metals)


  • Premium quality cold-foam mattress with cosy water gel layer for a relaxing night’s sleep
  • Pleasant cooling feeling during the fall-asleep phase and perfect temperature balance at night
  • High-degree of point elasticity and optimal moisture regulation due to open-cell structure
  • About 30% lighter than standard foam mattresses
  • Removable jersey cover with 4-side zipper and washable up to 60°C (do not tumble-dry)

Exterior Design

More striking, more automotive, more modern - simply TABBERT on the next level. The new ELEGANCE FLOW DESIGN sets new standards in exterior design and rewrites the history of luxury caravanning.

The new and innovative TABBERT multi-LED combination taillight also take up the well-known swinging element and thus provide a harmonious symbiosis of technology and design.

The roof hood in the front and rear is even more prominent thanks to the new ergonomic trim and almost looks like a spoiler - sporty and elegant at the same time.