GPS-Tracking - bei TABBERT serienmäßig


With the help of the GPS tracking system introduced in 2019 you can locate your TABBERT at any time. Thanks to the app belonging to the system, you receive status and location signals on your mobile phone at any time, as well as a message immediately if your TABBERT is moved. Starting with model year 2021 a lifetime license for an unlimited, EU-wide tracking function is now available. Additionally the hardware is prepared to be extended by optional sensors (e.g. door/window contact).

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You have the choice between different alarm and power modes, e.g: Live tracking, geo-fence, motion, on call, interval message, long-term monitoring (e.g. in winter quarters) etc. You can cover practically every conceivable monitoring and alarm situation for your new TABBERT. A plus in security for you - always and everywhere.

Of course, the module also has a self-sufficient power supply which is sufficient for at least 3 months to determine and transmit the position of the caravan in case of an emergency.

Safety first! Your velocate® tracking module for your new TABBERT was developed and produced in Germany. Deutsche Telekom is our partner for security in storing and processing your data.