TABBERT Highlights 2021

When design meets manufacture, it is the beginning of a new era. With the modern Elegance Flow design all TABBERT models enter a new level of exterior design. More automotive, more striking, more flowing - without ignoring the proven TABBERT virtues and style elements, our premium fleet also optically paves the way into a new decade. The DA VINCI opens eyes and hearts with an interior design that combines everything: practical details, innovative shapes and colours, guaranteed feel-good atmosphere for every standard and every journey. That is the TABBERT feeling.


Thrillingly equipped

The ROSSINI welcomes you to the world of premium caravanning. With an exclusive added value equipment which includes both optical and technical details it invites you to a completely new holiday experience. Relaxed, safe, secure, comfortable. Look forward to the next level of travel - with the special edition ROSSINI FINEST EDITION!


Dynamic and powerful

Premium means having your finger on the pulse of time and making individual wishes possible. That's why the DA VINCI not only comes in a modern guise - with its contemporary standard equipment and unbeatable price-performace ratio, it becomes the heart of every holiday. Well thought-out, detailed, DA VINCI!


Design meets craftsmanship

Design is more than looks. It is the effortless elegance with which innovation and function merge into one unit, as well as the use of the most modern materials. The TABBERT multi-LED combination taillight is just one of the sophisticated highlights. The innovative TABBERT exterior design marks the leap into a new era of caravanning.

MediKit first-aid kit

Particularly safe, particularly protected

The voucher which from this model year onwards will be an optional extra for all ROSSINI, DA VINCI, VIVALDI, PUCCINI and CELLINI models, gives customers an exclusive set of pharmacy-supplied medicines that should not be missing in a caravan pharmacy: e.g. anti-allergic, pain gel, wound spray and painkillers.*

GPS tracker

Now with lifetime license

In order to be protected against theft, all TABBERT caravans are equipped with a GPS tracker which is also available from model year 2021 with lifetime license for an unlimited, EU-wide tracking function.

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* A voucher to redeem the medicine set is enclosed with the vehicle. The medicine set contains medicines that must be purchased from a pharmacy. The voucher can therefore only be redeemed at the responsible MediKit mail-order pharmacy at You can also obtain further information about your MediKit at