TABBERT for winter camping

Schneller warm länger kühl

When the winter frost really bites, TABBERT caravans reveal their warm side. The patented TABBERT roof, the 47-millimetre thick caravan floor and the highly insulated side walls wrap around the interior like a thick blanket. The result? An interior that has been shown to warm up around 30% faster. With this

temperature outlook, you are sure to reconsider your travel destinations during the cold season. After all, the clever TABBERT insulation system means that there are no limits to your excursions into snow-covered regions. By the way: What keeps you so warm in winter, keeps things cool for longer in summer.

Holiday climate in summer and winter: well balanced

A pleasant climate should prevail not only at your holiday location, but also in your caravan. For this reason, a TABBERT is constructed so that you can enjoy optimum temperatures in your caravan throughout the year – well balanced in summer and winter. Here you see our solutions for a perfect climate in your TABBERT caravan.

our solutions for the best atmosphere

The patented TABBERT roof
The patented TABBERT roof (fitted as standard from the Da Vinci on) guarantees air circulation, optimum temperature insulation and 9 dB of sound insulation (1.5 times quieter).
High backrests provide optimum protection
High backrests provide optimum protection against winter cold, allow optimum circulation of warm air and prevent condensed moisture. In this way, a uniform and healthy interior climate is guaranteed.
The heating hoses
The heating hoses are precisely adjusted with clips and vented to ensure the even distribution of warm air around the interior.
The thermal insulation
The thermal insulation in the head area keeps cool air at bay.
The rear-ventilated upper compartments
The rear-ventilated upper compartments and seat storage boxes prevent condensed moisture and provide a uniform interior climate.
Warm in winter, cool in summer
Warm in winter, cool in summer thanks to well insulated Seitz windows with double glazing.
The interior heats
The interior heats up quickly thanks to the modern and centrally positioned heating system (Truma S 3004 or S 5004 from body length 5,680 mm).
To protect against frost, all water pipes are laid alongside the heating hoses.
To protect against frost, all water pipes are laid alongside the heating hoses.